Luminous Prime ULife Plan
The Plan offers life insurance measures to help grow your wealth alongside you, helping you build an enduring legacy that spans for generations to come.
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e-Claims Services at Your Fingertips
Powered by online claims submission and instant payment settlement via FPS, together with ecConnect services, making claims is so simple.
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BOC Life Deferred Annuity (Lifetime)
Lifelong Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income with potential returns
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BOC Life Deferred Annuity (Fixed Term)
Enjoy 10 years Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income upon 5 Years Premium Payment
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iTarget 3 Years Savings Insurance Plan
2 years’ premiums,
guaranteed return in 3 years 
Instant application via mobile app
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BOC Life Standard VHIS
The Plan is a certified plan that has been successfully registered under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”) and has fulfilled the requirement imposed by Food and Health Bureau towards VHIS’s Standard Plan. 
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Forever Glorious ULife Plan II
The Plan helps achieving your financial goals while providing you with whole life protection.The Plan not only helps plan for your retirement, but also plan ahead for the future of your loved ones.
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Smart Immediate Annuity Plan
Immediate enjoyment of the Guaranteed Monthly Income
Lifetime income at your choice
Lifestage Bonus
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Online Service Platform

Register now to enjoy simple yet secure online policy management

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SmartGuard Critical Illness Plan
The Plan provides comprehensive life and critical illness protection until the Insured reaches the age of 100, while at the same time it provides protection and financial reserve function.
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AlongPro Critical Illness Plan

It covers Cancer / Stroke / Heart Illness
Monthly premium as low as HKD$14

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eChannel - Online Sales Platform
Apply for your insurance online and enjoy exclusive privilege now
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ReachUp Insurance Plan
The Plan is a life insurance plan with wealth management features. By paying 2 years premiums, the Plan will provide life insurance for 8 years ...
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SmartUp Plus Whole Life Insurance Plan
The Plan provides flexible financial planning which allows you to establish your financial pool. Eventually, you can face the many uncertainties and potential changes in the future with ease.
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Payment Methods

In order for you to pay premiums or repayments of policy loans conveniently, a variety of payment methods are available

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Corporate Insurance
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SmartRetire Annuity Insurance Plan
The plan provides the Guaranteed Cash Value and Guaranteed Monthly Income...
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