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Easy Claim


BOC Life initiates first "Easy Claim" services

"Easy Claim" is a simplified claims procedure of hospital cash protection. If the insured stays in Hong Kong hospital for not more than 2 days due to the specified illness, customers can simply make declaration online. The case will be assessed by the system instantly. It saves the time spent on filling out and mailing the forms.


Simple Step1

02 Declaration

Claim form, medical laboratory reports and hospital receipt are waived from submission, but simply a online declaration

03 Submission

instant claim approval upon submission


Service Advantages



Simple and easy application


Making claims anytime, anywhere


Instant claims approval



Simplifying claims process

  • Medi Dollars Hospital Cash Plan
  • Hospital Income Rider
  • iRefund Hospital Cash Plan


1. Customers should login to the eService account for the “Easy Claims” service, then fill in 3 claims declaration (i) Illness Name; (ii) Hospital confinement days; (iii) Hospital name, and submit copy of medical proof showing the hospital confinement duration and diagnosis, after which instant approval will be received. Claims made via “Easy Claims” must fulfill all of the following criteria: (i) Hospital confinement in Hong Kong not exceeding 2 days; (ii) Diagnosis requiring hospital confinement is within one of the 20 specified illnesses (20 specified illnesses are subject to change from time to time at the sole and absolute discretion of BOC Life without prior notice and with immediate effect); and (iii) Maximum number of claims payable under “Easy Claims” is 2 per policy year. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions of “Easy Claims” at BOC Life eService platform. If a claim for hospital confinement does not satisfy any or all of the aforementioned criteria for “Easy Claims”, the claim shall be subject to normal eClaims procedure (listed on the terms and conditions of eClaims Service).


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