Our Story

Your comments or compliments motivate us to serve you better. Few words from you can let us understand your needs better.

A Claim Case Sharing

Ms Lau applied Hospital Protection Plan in 2008 and 2010 respectively via our sales hotline. Later, Ms Lau was sick. She was advised to admit to hospital and receive medical treatment. Ms Lau therefore contacted our Claims department via our Customer Services Hotline, to enquire the plans benefits, and the documents to be provided when making a claim.

Since this time the illness is related to the case claimed earlier, Ms Lau would like to get back the reports which she had submitted to Claims department before. This helps her seeking follow-up consultation.

With the help of our Claims officer, Ms Lau received the requested medical reports on the following day. The claim case was approved just one day after she had submitted the claim.

Ms Lau was impressed with the efficiency and service attitude of our Claims Services. To show her appreciation, Ms Lau sent a letter of commendation to our Claims Services.

Ms Lau said "Sincere attitude and efficient services! Many thanks!"

In today's competitive insurance markets, in order to offer best customer experience, continuous service improvement is essential.

An Enquiry Case Sharing

Ms Cheng applied the insurance plan at one of our Bank of China branch about ten years ago. The plan will reach maturity soon. Ms Cheng concerned how to get the maturity payment as she has migrated to USA already, therefore, she contacted our Customer Service Hotline for assistance.

Regarding the maturity value payment, our client has reflected her worry that she may face difficulties in getting assistance in overseas. She worried that she has to come back to HK and to give the maturity instruction. Ms Cheng then decided to call our Customer Services Hotline. With the help of our customer service officer, the maturity payment was arranged as per her request. To show her appreciation, Ms Cheng sent a compliment letter to our Customer Service Team.

She said, "The customer service officer of BOC Life is excellent! I feel so warm even I hear your voice in overseas."

This case give Ms Cheng a very good customer experience towards BOC Life. She is now confident that she will receive excellent service even if she is in overseas.

“One has to join BOC Life if they have insurance needs,” said Ms Lau.

An Enquiry Case Sharing

Mr Sin applied a Retirement Plan of BOC Life more than 10 years ago. He has forgotten the plan details, therefore he called our Customer Service Hotline.

After our customer service officer explained the plan details to Mr Sin clearly and patiently, Mr Sin well understand his plan, and found that the BOC Life plan is actually better than those plans offer by other insurer. He feels that he made the right decision to choose BOC Life 10 years ago. He expressed that he gained confidence towards BOC Life.

He said, "The customer service officers of BOC Life are very professional. They explained my plan clearly. As I applied the plan long time ago, I have already forgotten the details. After listening to their explanation, I eventually realized that BOC Life plan is far better than those plans offer by other insurer. I would like to apply another policy again. "

Mr Sin's case is very typical. Many customers may have forgotten the details of the policies they applied. Therefore, the post-sales services becomes very important to maintain the relationship with the customer, and give them even more confident to choose BOC Life again when they consider to apply another policy.

Your comments or compliments motivate us to serve you better. Few words from you can let us understand your needs better.

We are committed to provide our customers with high quality and reliable service. The appreciation from our customers is our encouragement. We strive to improve our services continuously, in order to achieve the best customer service.

Thank you for your recognition. We would like to share with all of you.

  1. Miss Ma from Customer Services Hotline explained the policy clearly and followed up the policy change matters for me. I am very satisfied with her service!
  2. I am very satisfied with the services of customer services hotline, especially Ms Wong. I can feel that Ms Wong was serving me with heart and fulfilled my needs.
  3. I am deeply satisfied with the quality of your service. The staff members of the customer services hotline are very patient. After calling your hotline, now I have a better understanding of the policy.
  4. I would like to express my appreciation to Mr Liang of Claim department in resolving my case promptly. A smooth and efficient transaction saved me so much time. I was very pleased with his courteousness and professionalism.
  5. The performance of Miss Yu from Customer Service Hotline is satisfactory. I really appreciate that you will take the initiative to follow up on the prematurity policies matters. I am very satisfied with your service even though your company is younger than the others. I can take the most convenient way to manage my prematurity policy.
  6. I was impressed by their efficient claim service. They were the 1st company to deliver the claim payment among the other insurers. The service by BOCGL is better than market and the claim procedure is simple, I would strongly recommend my family and friends to choose BOCGL's insurance products.
  7. Miss Ma of customer services hotline gave me a very detailed explanation. BOC Life's products have high flexibility, its service is convenient, and the branch network is large!
  8. I am satisfied with the clear explanation and patience of Mr. Choi of customer services hotline. I am at ease when I receive the anniversary statement which shows clear and concise information of my policy.
  9. The claim officer was very patient in listening and explaining the claim procedure and required documents. They have kept me updated of the claim progress till I got the claim payment, which gave me peace of mind that application would be processed accurately and timely.
  10. Ms Cheung of Customer Services Hotline explained the policy features and the procedure of set up new credit card autopay very clearly. Also, it is very convenient to settle the premium by debit BOC credit card through the phone .