Our Service Pledge

As our valued customer, your needs are our priority. We strive to build a lifelong relationship with you. We devote our best efforts to handle your requests and enquiries. We provide convenient and reliable services to make you feel value-for-money. We pride ourselves on being your preferred insurance provider.

If we are unable to complete your application within our promised time, a cash coupon will be offered.

Service Pledge of BOC Life

Area of Operation Major Services Offered Service Standards
of BOC Life
Underwriting Approval of new policies All types of policies Within 3 working days
Change of policy Simple service requests2 All types of policies Within 4 working days
Financial related service
Within 5 working days
Policy loans4  – Express Loan Application for loan amount reached HKD100,000 Traditional policies Within 4 working hours
Policy loans4 – General application Within 2 working days
Withdrawal of fund value5 Investment-linked policies Within 5 working days
Claims Accident and Hospital claims All types of policies Within 3 working days
Major claims6 Within 6 working days
Customer Service Telephone enquiries >= 90%
Customer complaint investigations Within 1 month
Reply to enquiries in writing Within 4 working days
Reply to enquires via email Within 2 working days


  1. The above pledges are applicable to cases in which all required documents are received for immediate processing at the time of application.
  2. "Simple service requests" include: contact information change (such as address and telephone), beneficiary change, change of guaranteed cash payment option, dividend option change, change of monthly income option and requests for policy information, etc.
  3. Financial related service requests" include: withdrawal of guaranteed cash payment, withdrawal of dividend and refund overpaid premium and cancellation within cool-off period.
  4. "Policy loan" :
    • The starting time of this service will be counted from the time of receipt of fax request. (The original document received in the morning will be treated as receiving at 1:00pm. Those received in the afternoon will be treated as receiving at 5:00pm.)
    • Service will be treated as completed when amount of policy loan is transferred to the account at Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited or the loan is deposited into account at Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited by cheque; or when the loan cheque is issued.
    • Express policy loan service is not applicable to policy loan application submitted via personal online banking.
  5. "Withdrawal of fund value" includes: withdrawal of partial fund value, surrender of investment-linked policies and policy surrender during cooling-off period.
  6. "Major claims" include: death claims, disability claims and critical illness claims.