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Safeguard your health, protect your beloved

Health & Other Protection

Provide comprehensive medical, life and accident protections for you and your beloved.

Product Overview

Medical Protection

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iRefund Hospital Cash Plan (Apply via mobile banking)

  • 10 years’ protection plus guaranteed refund of 101% of Total Premiums Paid1 upon policy maturity, even if claims have been made
  • Choice of 3 Daily Hospital Cash Benefit levels
  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit coverage of up to 1,000 days for each Disability
  • 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services
  • Daily premium from HKD172 only
  • Apply via mobile3 with no medical examination, as fast as 3 minutes to complete
  • Online claims submission available

1 Total premiums paid amount will be calculated based on premiums paid after premium discount (if any).

2 The premium amount is calculated by assuming that the Insured’s age is between 18 and 25 when enrolling in a policy under Plan 1 with monthly payment.

3 The Plan is only available to the holders of BOCHK Mobile Banking account. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 55 and be holders of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.

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BOC Life Standard VHIS

( Plan certification number:S00022-01-000-01)

  • Certified VHIS-compliant plan allowing you to enjoy tax concession
  • Guarantee renewal up to age 100 for a carefree life
  • No Lifetime Benefit Limit
  • Covers Pre-existing Conditions unknown at time of application and congenital disease
  • Covers Pre-and Post-confinement/ Day Case Procedure outpatient care
  • Covers Prescribed Non-surgical Cancer Treatment
  • No Claim Discount
  • eClaims services at your fingertips

Plan certification number: S00022-01-000-01
VHIS Provider Registration Number: 00022 
Registration Effective Date: 6 March 2019

Critical Illness Protection

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iProtect 10 Years Insurance Plan (Apply via mobile banking)

  • Combination of protection plans at your choice: you can choose life protection solely or include additional critical illness coverage
  • Premium refund option, up to maximum 100% guaranteed premium refund
  • Guaranteed premium unchanged for 10 years
  • One-stop self-service online application and claim experience at your fingertips


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AlongPro Critical Illness Plan (Online Application)

  • Covers Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack

  • Provides Death Benefit at the same time to protect your beloved

  • Guaranteed level premium for every five years

  • Guaranteed renewable up to age 80

  • Premium as low as HKD14* per month

  • Easy and convenient online application

* The specified monthly premium is applicable to the case of male who is aged 18, non-smoker and Hong Kong resident with HKD200,000 sum insured

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SmartGuard Critical Illness Plan

  • Comprehensive critical illness protection covering more than 100 types of illnesses including Major Illnesses, Minor Illnesses and Juvenile Illnesses

  • Up to four extra claim payments in aggregate for Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack

  • Life protection to protect your beloved

  • Up to 50% extra protection for the first 10 years

  • Terminal dividend (non-guaranteed) to build your wealth

  • Three premium payment period options as short as 10 years

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BestCare-Pro Critical Illness Plan

  • Comprehensive critical illness protection covering more than 100 types of illnesses including Major Illnesses, Minor Illnesses and Juvenile Illnesses

  • Attach with BestCare CI Multiple Claims Rider for up to five extra claims on Major Illness Benefit

  • Three premium payment period options as short as 10 years

  • Life protection to protect your beloved

  • Annual Dividend and Terminal Dividend (both non-guaranteed) to build your wealth

Other Protection

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Term Life Insurance Plan

  • Enjoy life protection with relatively high sum insured by paying affordable premium
  • Guaranteed renewal up to the Insured's age 75
  • Convertible to the whole life insurance as defined by the Company without medical examination

Optional Protection

  • Supplementary Riders
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InstantPro Term Life Plan (Online Application)

  • Death benefit up to HKD2 million with affordable premium
  • Convertible to whole life insurance plan as defined by BOC Life without medical examination
  • Guaranteed renewal up to the Insured’s age of 75
  • Easy and convenient via online application
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GoSports Accident Insurance Plan

  • Comprehensive accident protection
  • Free protection upgrade due to injury caused by sports accidents
  • No Claim Discount
  • Easy and convenient application with no medical examination
  • Additional Benefit
    • 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services
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Mortgage Reducing Term Plan II

  • Mortgage life protection for secure planning
  • Joint owners being the Insured together may enjoy 10% discount upon successful application
  • Continuous protection for early redemption of mortgage
  • Optional Protection
    • Supplementary Riders
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Easy-Plug Insurance Plan

  • Whole life insurance plan designed to be attached with supplementary riders
  • Flexible Premium Payment mode
  • Guaranteed renewal, covering till the termination of all relevant supplementary riders