Corporate Staff

We put great emphasis on our people-oriented culture and aim to be your preferred employer. We are committed to providing you with the following:

Rewarding career opportunities

  • A wide range of career opportunities in the Group and within the Company
  • Various job attachment opportunities

Competitive remuneration package

  • Market-competitive compensation and benefits programs
  • A wide range of benefits covering work-life balance, staff well-being, insurance and retirement

Comprehensive learning & development programs

  • Multi-spectrum training curriculums
  • Structural leadership development programs for talents

Challenging & exciting working environment

  • Fast growing business with lots of challenging opportunities
  • Remarkable business performance that forms strong basis for continued business growth

Friendly & professional team

  • Work with a team of passionate and supportive members
  • Harmonious working relationships

Join us and explore your career opportunities in BOC Life!

We offer 5-day work week, attractive remuneration package and excellent training & development opportunities.

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BOC Life offers a challenging and fulfilling work environment. If you want to join us and build a rewarding career, you not only need to understand the background of BOC Life and the position you apply for, but also possess interview skills and have a career plan of your own. Taking this opportunity, we hope to share some related tips with you to help you take off on your career.

Self-analysis using SWOT:

  1. Make a detailed assessment of own ability
  2. Identify all the external factors affecting the application, such as the ability of the other applicants
  3. Predict future changes of external factors, such as the future development of the industry, talent demand
  4. Identify the requirement of the position and ability of one self and perform evaluation
  5. Use SWOT to analyze feasible strategies
  6. Conduct strategy selection

SWOT Analysis Diagram

Position Applied for
Advantageous Factors
Position Applied for
Disadvantageous Factors
Self-situation Strengths Weaknesses
External factors Opportunities Threats

WE … …


We adopt a people-oriented approach to management. We aim to:

  • Consider business direction and identify developmental needs of our staff
  • Uplift staff’s adaptability to rapid changes and develop their potentials
  • Ensure that their knowledge and skills are aligned with the business development needs and regulatory requirements


We introduced a multi-level L&D culture based on competencies development principles with:

  • Multi-spectrum training curriculum encouraging learning ANYTIME—luncheon, mid-workday & after-office hours workshop; ANYWHERE—classroom, experiential & e-learning
  • Sponsorship and incentives to associates who would like to pursue higher education or professional qualifications
  • Learning Resources Center as a space to chill with industrial updates and wide range of books and magazines


Seedling today for the ripe tomorrow, the tailor-made Talent Pool Program offers talents:

  • Structured training programs and workshops for management and leadership development
  • A mentorship program to strengthen personalized development and initiatives
  • Job enrichment opportunities through cross-function exposure
  • International conference, overseas training and seminars to maintain network within and between


We aim to reinforce industrial ethics and mitigate risk with

  • Compliance and risk awareness sharing by subject matter experts
  • External training by regulatory institutes and professional bodies
  • E-learning for regular updates in high efficiency

… … Grow Together