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BOC Life leverages InsurTech to bring customer experience to a next level. Thanks to digitalisation, you are digitally enabled to manage your insurance policies with ease and apply for desirable products through various channels anytime, anywhere.




Cross-platform online customer service

Easy Chat, our cross-platform AI service, is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide required information beyond the limits of time or location.

Easy Chat works across different platforms including our corporate website, Facebook page and WeChat official account. No matter your questions are about policy, payment, claim or product information, Easy Chat will respond to you swiftly.




We provide a comprehensive, online policy management platform namely eService. It only takes a few simple steps to activate an account which manages your insurance policies on electronic devices anytime. You can choose to bind existing policies to the account for the ease of overviewing coverage details and submitting change and claim requests.

The platform also provides Easy Claim and ecConnect services.



We understand how much trouble it takes to file a claim to different insurance companies at the same time. To ease the worries, you can use our ecConnect service by uploading the policy schedules of other companies you hold to the platform in advance. Once a claim occurs, with your authorisation we will notify relevant insurers on your behalf.



Easy Claim

Easy Claim is the first online claim service with instant approval in Hong Kong. For designated insurance products, you can enjoy an easier way to submit a claim online and know the assessment result immediately. This service is enabled automatically on eService platform. It covers specified illnesses, and no claim form, medical report or receipt is required for the claim on specified illnesses with hospitalisation in Hong Kong for not exceeding 2 days. The assessment result is known instantly, saving your valuable time in filling and mailing forms.




WeChat policy binding service

More and more people are using WeChat, and having higher expectation on its service scope. We took the lead to launch policy binding service on this platform. Once the service is activated, you can log on our eService through WeChat, check policy details and receive notifications on policy and claim status. Useful policy information is now all at the fingertips!



Online insurance products

InsurTech and digitalisation are developing rapidly. In response to customers’ need of online insurance, we have launched innovative and diversified products. Customers are able to complete the application through digital platforms or mobile banking, whenever they want and wherever they are. 

We have a variety of online insurance products, providing savings, life, critical illness and health protection to customers. For example, these include BOC Life Deferred Annuity (Fixed Term) (Apply via mobile banking), iTarget 3 Years Savings Insurance Plan (Online Application), iRefund Hospital Cash Plan (Apply via mobile banking),  iProtect 10 Years Insurance Plan (Apply via mobile banking) and AlongPro Critical Illness Insurance Plan (Online Application).

Our customers can enjoy not only comprehensive coverage, but also smooth, flexible and convenient buying journey through safe, reliable digital channels.

Please refer to the relevant policy documents and provisions for details of the aforementioned plan and promotion details. All details are subject to the formal policy documents and provision issued by BOC Life