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Embrace corporate social responsibility
Pursue a sustainable future

Caring for Society

Public Housing

At BOC Life, sustainability is at the core of how we manage and develop our business.  We embed Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) in our business operation and strategy, to achieve the vision of becoming the most preferred partner to customers, employees, shareholders and investors.

BOC Life attaches great importance to our community and considers the fulfilment of social responsibility as crucial for creating and maintaining our long-term core competencies. Over the years, we actively support various community programmes with an aim to building a harmonious society.




Health Engineer

We have been sponsoring the “Health Engineer” programme organised by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council.  Through the cross-disciplinary activities of registered nutrients, occupational therapists and social workers, the programme aims to promote the collaboration among family, school and social service and help children build a healthy lifestyle covering balanced diet, positive thinking and ability to learn. From 2012, the programme has served more than 20 primary schools with over 4,500 beneficiaries and 12,000 participants in total.




Kids The Future

BOC Life fully supports “Kids The Future” Programme organised by Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. Launched in 2013, the programme aims to subsidise students from underprivileged families to participate in extra-curricular activities, assisting them to develop well-rounded personality. Participants include children from kindergartens, primary schools and those with special educational needs.




BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League

BOC Life has been the title sponsor of Hong Kong Premier League (“HKPL”) since its first launch in 2014.  It aims to promote local football development and attract more people to support and take part in this healthy sport.