Online Service Platform

Register now to enjoy simple yet secure online policy management

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GoSports Accident Insurance Plan Customer Offer
You may enjoy a premium waiver and get a free Nike Arm Band
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eChannel - Online Sales Platform
Apply for your insurance online and enjoy exclusive privilege now
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MaxiGrowth ULife Insurance Plan

The Plan is a universal life insurance plan that provides you with flexibility in financial planning and life protection.

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Payment Methods

In order for you to pay premiums or repayments of policy loans conveniently, a variety of payment methods are available

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Corporate Insurance
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SmartRetire Annuity Insurance Plan
The plan provides the Guaranteed Cash Value and Guaranteed Monthly Income...
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UltraReach Insurance Plan
The Plan is a medium-long term life insurance plan
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MaxiWealth ULife Insurance Plan
The Plan provides you with flexibility in financial planning and whole life...
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IncomeRich Annuity Insurance Plan
The Plan is a life insurance plan with a wealth management element
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Plenteous Life Coupon Plan
The Plan provides Guaranteed Cash
Coupons and life protection coverage...
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IncomeGrowth Annuity Insurance
The Plan can help you realize your
finanical goals ...
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Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited is the major insurance agent bank
appointed by BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited


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